Lightning Fast Data Technology Inc. Capability Statement

3419 NE 166th Ave.
Vancouver, Washington 98682


Mike Polehn

Business Information
TIN: 27-0764565
DUNS: 831837062
Cage: 5SYU5

541511: Custom Computer Programming Services (Primary)
541512: Computer Systems Design Services
541690: Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
541990: All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

PSC Codes
AC32: R&D Defense System: Ships (Applied and Exploratory R&D)
AC62: R&D Defense System: Electronics/Communications Equipment (Applied and Exploratory R&D)
AC12: R&D Defense System: Aircraft (Applied and Exploratory R&D)
AC42: R&D Defense System: Tank (Applied and Exploratory R&D)
AD22: R&D- Defense Other: Services (Applied and Exploratory R&D)

Lightning Fast Data Technology Inc.

Lightning Fast Data Technology Inc., specializes in high performance signal processing, optimized sensor and data processing, specialized hardware & software development, realtime system development, R&D, and infrared and acoustics sensor processing.

Core Competencies
  • Signal Processing
  • Algorithm Development and Optimization
  • Infrared Sensor Signal and Data Processing
  • Image Processing
  • Research and Development
  • Realtime Processing on Linux IA Servers
  • Realtime Network Packet Processing
  • Realtime Processing Hardware
  • Computer Hardware Development
  • Software Development
  • General Server Compute, Cloud Systems, and Networking to Support Projects
  • Window's GUI Multi-Window Programs
  • Embedded Systems, Code, and Hardware
Past Performance

Boeing, Northrop Grumman, L3 Communications, United Technologies subsidiary Sensors Unlimited: Airborne infrared sensor R&D, sensor data analysis, algorithm development, signal processor HW development, Window's based test and analysis programs, night vision goggle and scope test programs, data and performance studies, infrared camera tuning issue resolution, operational performance improvements, and FPA sensor chip test, analysis, and data document programs.

Intel: Created highly optimized C programs that utilized Xeon CPUs to do high speed realtime network packet processing on host and/or in VMs, extensive network performance characterization, Telco communications, cloud computing, PBX interfaces, audio subsystems, video conferencing, embedded controllers, device drivers, BIOS work, and Linux, NetBSD, Windows software and driver development work, open software development, and development patches.

Sensors Unlimited Inc: Multiple IR sensor analysis, algorithm development, and programming contracts.

Logo Lightning Fast Data Technology Inc.

Northrop Grumman Recognition U2 Recognition

Recognition for good work done has been provided by some satisfied customers.

For work on the recent U2 "Military Asset" Infrared Camera.

Sound Analzyer FFT data of a Hiss of S

This Window's sound data analysis program continuously does over 0.465 billion 64 bit floating point calculations per second on single CPU core while playing CD format music without breaking up of the music. (Maintains real-time rate on a Windows laptop, however Windows is not a true real-time system). Several complex multi-window Windows GUI programs which can interact across windows while simultaneously executing are available for demonstration. These programs can do continuous high throughput processing while remaining fully user interactive, with no notice of any hesitation.

Memory Board

Founders' primary education is Computer Hardware Engineering. Designed, Produced and sold Spec VME EPROM/SRAM Production Memory Cards in a previous business many years ago.

Overall HW Development Experience spans 1000s of ICs of Reliable & Robust Board Designs.