Focus of Lightning Fast Data Technology Inc.

Lightning Fast Data Technology Inc., specializes in high performance signal processing, optimized sensor and data processing, specialized software development, real-time system development, R&D, and infrared and acoustics sensor processing.

Lightning Fast Data Technology Inc. current focus is to find and establish a profitable niche market to do business which utilizes current engineering capabilities. Check the bone piles below to see any corresponds to your items of interest, if so maybe some discussions can happen.

Things to Learn About

Goertzel, FFT, and Convolution Frequency Analysis Relationship Frequency Analysis Relationship.

Executing Multiple VNFs on an IA Server VNF Flow Logger.

Products Under Development

These projects are under development and are not ready for distribution. However, interested parties that have a strong need might be able to get features added and/or preliminary versions under a non disclosure agreement.

Sound Data Frequency Analyzer

This program does a high quality frequency analysis of a stream of data, such as a digital sound data, and determines its frequency content. Using a unique frequency detector, it is able to effectively respond to frequency content and give a high quality representation of the data without the noise artifacts at various frequencies found in an FFT measurements. The program includes an FFT analysis to allow comparison between the sound analyzer and the FFT results for the same data set.

Additional information about this can be found in Sound Frequency Analyzer Project Information

Goertzel, FFT, and Convolution Frequency Analysis Relationship Frequency Analysis Relationship.

Lightning Fast Database System

This is a general purpose binary packed record database system, which can support an arbitrary number of tables, where each user has local copies of the database tables of interest for fast access. The data is packed binary data to minimize disk usage, loaded memory usage, and internet or network update time. New data is created and/or entered at the user end database, sent to the server to create updates for a given database table, and updates are distributed when the client database system requests an update, in a similar periodic manner like an email client update request. This is substantially different operation model than a traditional database system, but has uses for some specialized applications.

Detailed information Lightning Fast Database System

SBIR Proposal Submission Bonepile

Several SBIR Proposals have been submitted and not all are covered here, additional information may be added later.

Low Flow Rate Energy Recovery for Water Purification

This proposal came about from some interest in conservation of energy and having done multiple ARPA-E IDEAS submittals, reviewed the SBIR Solicitation for the need for lower energy use for water purification in a small system. This was looked at it carefully to understand the energy issue and came up with a simple solution for the smaller water purification system. Also considering the humanitarian importance of such solutions needed for small low cost purification water systems needed worldwide, an SBIR proposal was submitted.

Lightning Fast Data Technology Inc. didn't get a SBIR contract for development, however the solution is probably valid. This is not the company's primary interest and since the SBIR development contract was not obtained, further development is not being considered at this time. Considered filing a patent and licensing the technology, but decided to forgo this since the time and cost distracts from other work and because the humanitarian need for small portable water purification systems, and that this should just be released to the public for their own further development by publishing the documentation on the web. Note: Lower energy solutions exist for very large water purification systems, so it is probably only useful for smaller portable water purification systems.

The SBIR proposal information can be reviewed in Water Purification.

Automated Reconfiguration of Mission Assets

The SBIR proposal information can be reviewed in Dynamic Reconfiguration.

Image Enhancement in Heavily Degraded Visual Environments using Image Processing Methods

The SBIR proposal information can be reviewed in Infrared Enhancement.

Real-time Compression for Acoustic Array Time-Domain Data

The SBIR proposal information can be reviewed in Compression.

ARPA-E IDEAS Submissions

Lightning Fast Data Technology Inc. has made seven submissions to the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E) for Innovative Development in Energy – Related Applied Science (IDEAS) working to make a positive impact on sustainable and environmentally friendly energy.

Submittals include high efficiency concentrated solar power generator, home size solar power concentration mirror gimbal (8 to 16 square meters), high reliability home heating and power generation using biomass, increased energy efficiency using natural gas for home electric generation, new external combustion engine technology for small 100 to 200 HP engines, battery technology for long distance electric car travel, and local power grid segment management to support new local low power generators and coordination of operation during major grid outages.

Lightning Fast Data Technology Inc. IDEAS Submittals